Sunday, June 13, 2010

What Life Should be Like...

This is what life should be like,
Sitting in my car, parked randomly by the wayside,
My feet up on the dash, the seat reclined,
My empty gaze, that seeks nought and nought does it find...

A beautiful day, gray weather and a cool breeze,
The landscape dotted with the redness of gulmohar trees,
A whole day that stretches out in front of me,
With nothing planned, it pans out just as lazily...

My favourite music playing, neither too soft nor too loud,
And when my song comes up, I start singing out aloud,
And with the singer, I've smiled a little needlessly, and a little needlessly I've cried,
A little heavy hearted, and a little dreamy eyed...

I step out of the car, into a light drizzle,
Standing in a puddle, where the raindrops splatter and fizzle,
I stretch myself out, staring at the sky, as I connect with all my joy and pain,
I empty my pockets, end this rhyme and head off, for a walk in the rain...

(True Story!)


Sneha said...

1.Wow !!!!!!!. Really Really beautiful.

2. Nice monsoon template.;)

muzey to lega tha kabi nahi chnage honey wala.:)

3. Enjoyyyyeeeeeeee!!

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

1. Thank you!

2. :) I know! I didn't wanna change the template ever but I just stumbled onto this one and was absolutely perfect! I guess we all can find reason for change sooner or later!

3. :) I did! Just got home and changed and dried myself!

ANWESA said...

Well,we've the same template.

I liked this one.

Ria said...

How i wish life was like this....sigh!

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

@Anwesa:> Ah! So we do! I love it when it rains so couldn't help change the template after 3 years of sticking to just one!
And glad you liked it!

@Ria:> Hehe...well, it was for me...if only for a day!