Friday, September 05, 2008


                I have spent more than a considerable amount of my awakened existence in trying to understand human relationships. Although by my own admittance, my research on the matter is far from complete, there are a few keen observations I have made especially about 22-25 year-olds. I suppose since I have reached a substantial conclusion about this particular age group, I could well put up my observations here.

                First the guys… Guys will always crib and complain about girls being indecisive, unsure and subject to perennial mood swings but as far as relationships go, guys are a little worse off than girls. Guys will fall in love with a woman who is so unlike the woman of their dreams, they don’t realize they are in love! They will then spend their days convincing themselves that she isn’t the ‘one’ and that they are incompatible. Left to themselves, they will never admit they are in love to themselves leave alone the girl they are in love with! Unless friends counsel them of it, they will in all probability let her walk away without ever professing what lies in their hearts! (Well, since you don’t accept it to yourself, there isn’t a question of confessing is there?) The ironic part is, they realize it when she has already walked by and moved on!

                In the occasion that through the counsel of friends they do acknowledge and profess their love or the rarer occasion that the girl herself reckons it is time to take control and is the one to profess, guys will be the uttermost idiots. Suddenly, after a lifetime of having dreamt of living with that one woman, they develop a commitment phobia! A million reasons (all of them baseless and useless) will crop up, from issues like incompatible families to we both want different things. Get real! She is the one! You let her go now and by the time you realize your folly, it will be tooooooo late!

                Now the girls… Girls are pretty much sure about whom they want to spend their days with! If they set their hearts on one person, come what may, they will not change their decision. The guy could be a womanizer, a prick or simply moronic but the girl will never view the faults, heck girls are so weird, they fall in love with the faults!

                But they aren’t without fault themselves. Most girls try subtlety as their most powerful weapon. They shower all their unshakable trust in the guy and expect the guy to understand that the show of faith in itself is a positive sign. I mean, yeah sure, it is a positive sign but god damn it, you shower the same kinda trust in your best friend! How the heck are guys supposed to know you love them? Guys hate subtlety and women need to understand that. Guys aren’t intelligent creatures blessed with an understanding of the finer elements, they are slow dumb creatures who can see no further than you show them! Take an example and show the guy stars (I mean the one’s in the sky, take him to the rooftop at night and show him the stars. Even if you live in Bombay and the night sky isn’t exactly lit up by stars, please do not bonk him in the head!) and all they will see are white dots. They cannot for all their lives, see the constellations or the heart that you are drawing with your finger. We can nod in agreement but only to appease you… Please do be a little more upfront about your views and feelings with guys!

                Final advice to both girls and guys…if you spend most of your waking hours thinking about someone, you are definitely in love. When you find love, please be kind enough to acknowledge it and please, do not try to find excuses as to why it wouldn’t work out but try to find all the reasons it should…commitment fits really beautifully, you should try it on for size! All the best!


Da said...

guys don't get subtlety, that's a good and accurate assessment... i often tell women the same thing, that you can't expect a guy to read a girl's mind... hell, freud died asking what do women want, and we're just simple creatures, us guys... generally good advice, although i do not completely subscribe to all of it, as you can very well imagine...

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

hehe...yeah it was general advice applicable to most guys...
you obviously aren't in the "inclusive" list! you are after all bikram!

Ferrin B said...

really? i didnt think guys would be all that dumb lol

hi im new here and this was the first post i read. i have to say it was vair vair amusant. me like.

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

ahh!!! i'm glad you did!
(it's a very thin group that actually likes what i write so anyone who might be willing to tolerate me is more than welcome!)

and you wouldnt believe how dumb we guys can be!

rahul said...

bikram likes to advertise his blog and get atleast a 100 comments on every article he writes by asking people to do so, and in the end always, yes! always complains that no one reads my blog :P

rahul said...

oh...and my comment on this article, as an engineer I am in the habit of asking, how big was your sample anyway? :P

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

how big was the sample? huge!
and yeah, no one reads my blog, considering there are about a billion people in india!

cute n confused said...

"Guys aren’t intelligent creatures blessed with an understanding of the finer elements, they are slow dumb creatures who can see no further than you show them! "

dude, i sooooo completely agree with u...guys r fools of the first order, integrated twice over!! : )

as a girl, my POV (read: justification on behalf of fellow fellees): yes we put all our faith n trust and expect it in reciprocation. yes we are subtle. but isnt it the guys friggin job to pick up on these subtelities?
i mean, some biki wisdom here: sab kuch kano se nahin sunaa jataa...hai na? u got to feel something man. and sometines (miraculously???) they do. thy just dont wen either a game is on or their darned friends r around. (screw the frnds man, most relations brk bcoz of them!!

and thnk god for making some damn cute fools who realise just in time, wht thyre loosing and beg and plead n make ammends.. (read my last post for further clarification of this point..)

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

i told you guys cannot see the subtle!
stop even expecting us to be able to see the subtlety!

and this wasnt a girl appeasing post so stop being so happy over the guys being fools dont want me to start woman bashing!