Thursday, September 25, 2008


Here's the deal. A friend of mine SJ, suggested that I should try sending my poems out to some competitions. He figures, (rightly so too) that I might take a gamble to see if I can make a few bucks out of my talents. Wouldnt hurt the pocket money right? That's where the problem starts. I wish to submit one poem. (Do you see the problem? JUST ONE POEM!) and when i tried reading them, i loved 'em all! (Being your own greatest fan sucks sometimes!) Now that's where I need your help guys. Please tell me your favourite amongst a few that i have shortlisted here-
1. Groping
2. Cancer
3. To have you for Life
4. At the end of college light
5. Once upon a time
6. Remember yesterday
Please Please Please help me here...


Fangs said...

see, i dont love you that much that im gonna read through all the poems.

But i think i do remember cancer.
that was good.

And if youre sending a poem for a competition, then you're playing to the gallery.. so send something with mass appeal.

I feel that cancer and it's types fit the bill..

Ferrin B said...

whoa! you are ONE good poet alright. i think you should go for either Remember yesterday or To have you for life

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

@rohan:> yeah that one was the first so holds a real sentimental value attached to it so maybe that one! thanks a ton bro!

@ferrin:> hmmm...interestingly these are the three that i can't shortlist past! thank you so much for taking time off to read them!

i am probably sending the three above. have time till tomo and well, knowing me, i'll know which ones im sending only when i actually send them!

Punam said...

Cancer is a touching poem. It reflects humanity.. the basic thread by which even strangers are bound. Care to read my verse on cancer.. albeit filled with hope?

(I wish that girl could have lived to express what I have in my poem.)

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

it was a work of fiction...
and thank you so much for taking time to read! much obliged!

bluebutterfly said...

you know what... you are mean.
asking us to choose. its difficult.

after reading all of them, cancer stands out, that would be a good one, mass appeal and all that crap also.
but then I really liked groping, it seemed so real in a way I cant really explain, you know.

its your choice and of course these suggestions are for teh nexT time you sent one in because I seemed to have arrive late to teh party this time.

I loved at the end of the college light, I just got around to writing my latest post and thats just how I feel. I couldnt have put it better into words.

p.s.- I repest what i said, you are "THE rhyming-GOD"

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

hehe... i love the title of the rhyming god!
but alas...i am but a mortal!
hehe...(i love feigning modesty!)

i honestly think groping is the best of my works...but in a competition that might seek mass appeal et al, i thought i shouldnt send it to compete with cancer.
but the next time, it definitely will be groping...

and late or not, it's nice to hear from you!