Saturday, September 13, 2008

Poet for Sale!

So many emotions, so many thoughts,
Sometimes they flow and sometimes not,
So many battles that within me are fought,
Lessons that I learn, in ways that can never be taught!

So many a smile, so many a sigh,
Sometimes that I wanna give up and cry,
So many failures and yet always another try,
Falling down hard and learning to fly!

So many truths, so many lies,
Sometimes that there isn’t anyone to hear my cries,
So many lows and so many highs,
Drowning in depths only to be rescued by those eyes!

So many ideas, so many views,
Sometimes that I can’t distinguish the hues,
So many grays and so many blues,
Scratching I fight to loosen the screws!

So many a footprint, so many a trail,
Sometimes in my youth that I’ve been feeling frail,
So many contradicting many that to put in words I now fail,
Needing a savior, I put this poet up for sale!!!

P.S. Just for the record...18 days since i put this up and no takers!!! Well as they say, "If no one claims in 30 days, finders keepers!" (so i guess i get to keep myself! hehe...)


bluebutterfly said...

thirty days huh?
well I really liked it. everypart of it.

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

hehe...well as you can see, no bids yet!
i am either priceless or worthless, in whichever case, im glad i couldnt be bought!!!