Sunday, September 14, 2008

To have You for Life!

I have always wondered what you would be like,

When we speak, what kinda conversation would we strike,

I have always wondered about that first impression I’ll make,

Worried that I might goof it all up with a big mistake,

I have always planned about what we might do together,

Someday maybe we’ll dance in the rains or cuddle up in chilly weather,

I have always thought that for you I will always do what is right,

That I would never be upset, bicker or pick a fight,

I have always dreamed of a perfect romance,

To plan everything and never leave much to chance,

But mum says nothing good happens after 2 a.m.,

And she is right, I might never be the same again,

Cause I know now that life isn’t about keeping everything in place,

That I can be upset and I don’t have to always make a straight face,

I wanna show how much for you I care,

So many emotions that with you I’ll share,

All those moments of happiness and fun,

I’ll treasure ‘em all, from rain and sun,

I want to give you excuses in so many ways,

And I don’t want you for years or months or weeks or days,

When you breathe your last, I wanna feel the strife,

I wanna know what it feels, to have you for life…


Angie said...

i hv 1 simple word for u... wow!!
u can actually give music to this...lemme see if i can string somethin up!!

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

(me blushing, smiling and taking a bow!)
hehe... i am a ham!

but yes, i would love to write lyrics someday too. i had a few tunes in mind and gave words to those but unfortunately i am not musically trained so those tunes are now lost!

if you can find a tune for this, that would be super-awesome!

cute n confused said...

it's a rollercoaster of emotions... starting with hope and ending on death...well written...
and as usual..rhyming scheme rocks..except tht in tht emotions wala line, i think tht "that" is redundant..

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

no no, no dangling participles or misplaced articles there!
it's needed!

bluebutterfly said...

this one had me "aww-ing"
a lot of stuff going on but it was almost sort of cute.... :)

and even if you are in a perfect romance, i think you shoul fight and leave things to chance !

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

you know it's a strange thing actually...the perfect romance is one where everything happens by chance!