Sunday, August 03, 2008


A world of contrasts that we live in,

Surrounded by karma and acts of sin,

Where one man’s good deed,

Is another's act of greed,

So much said and even more heard,

Of search for clarity where everything is blurred,

Where we’re caught between deep oceans and mountains towering high,

And in the little patch of land in between, we learn to smile and sigh,

Of all that we know and some more that we don’t,

Some things that we’ll accept and some more that we won’t,

Where someone finding love means someone finding heartache,

And everything we know was built on give and take,

Some struggle to find roof and a square meal a day,

Whilst others can own islands, just so they may feel gay,

Where a pauper finds happiness though he is hungry and penniless,

And the richest man can’t spend enough to make his world painless,

Where the good are good, only cause there’s bad,

And happiness is a relative state of existence, to otherwise being sad,

Yet despite it all, with a new hope every day we awaken,

And of this confused old world, new sense we’re tryin to be makin…


cute n confused said...

thats the dichotomy of life biks, and its bloody not fair.
but then, whoever said life is fair!!??

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

yes indeed. life wouldn't be fun if it were fair!