Saturday, August 23, 2008


Hmmm… Life never stops teaching you something new at every stage of your life. I am no exception (although I can’t really claim to have lived enough to reach a stage where I could stop learning new things but…) and recently, after 24 years of more or less fruitless existence, I have learnt the literal meaning of a word that was perhaps unknown to me before. And as much as I would hate to admit it, I have to give Bombay credit for expanding my vocabulary. Never in the 22 odd years, that I have spent in Poona, of which a good part has been spent goofing around with nothing on my hands, have I ever and I mean period, felt the implications of the term to the extent that I do today.
So here I am, 24, in the financial capital of the world, with nothing significant on my plate, and face to face with the term that all mortals on the face of this planet fear – BOREDOM…

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