Saturday, August 23, 2008

Crying in the Rain

Do you hear the pitter-patter of the raindrops the way I do,

Falling in a rhythm condescending all I hold true,

The rains mock me with their irregular song,

All my attempts at being always right, never wrong,

Just listen to those drops telling me I’ve been a fool no less,

Telling me my search for black and white is in vain with all the greyness,

It pours and stops and the sun is out again,

And I look like a fool as now in the sun, I stand drenched by the rain,

But I’ll have the last laugh cause I won’t let anyone see,

All that I hold buried deep within me,

I’ll wait for the cloudy skies,

So no one knows what I hold in my eyes,

I will hold my head high and keep my pride,

And in the mock of the rains, I will hide

All the heartache and all the pain,

And I will do all my crying in the rain,

But someday when my crying’s done,

I am gonna wear a smile and walk in the sun…

DISCLAIMER: This one isn't a complete original, it is inspired by the song "CRYING IN THE RAIN" by "THE EVERLY BROTHERS" some lines are taken from the song but for the most part, it is me...


bluebutterfly said...

id you want to stand in teh rain ... its cool... but its just you can do it under the shower and see the sun afterwards ....

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

now why didnt i think of that?