Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Why are you still single?

When you are 24 and still single, you know you are doing something wrong. Either that or perhaps there is something completely wrong with you. The worst place to do an analysis of the ongoing tumultuous phase in a single young man’s life is for him to be standing in front of a mirror, half-naked, with a towel draped around him. Well lets face it, if you know it is yours, you cannot dislike what you see right? You could have your ribs sticking out to the extent that you can count them all, right down to the floating rib and yet what you see are those abs that can be counted in the same way and you think to yourself “Ooohhhh…” Alternatively, you could have a ponch that says you’re 6 months pregnant and yet what you see are those gorgeous arms with a bulge for a muscle and then you go “Ooohhhh…”

And yeah, which moron do we know that looks in the mirror and says “Damn, I really look ugly!”

Or “Damn, that is one hideous face!” No one! When you look into the mirror, you go “Well hello beautiful!” and what you see are those streaks of wet hear running across your forehead in a gorgeous curve or if you happen to be bald, you can see fading traces of your hairline reminiscent of Zinedine Zidane! Or if you happen to have straight shaggy hair that just run across your face, you think to yourself “Ah! That’s my Tom Cruise look!” And then you walk away from the mirror thinking “Damn, those women don’t know what they are missing out on!”


So then you look at your wardrobe. That faded and jaded pair of jeans…oh! Those are the best. They should make any girl go ga-ga! Then you look at the straight fit, brand new look jeans and you think “Now there’s the good boy look! How can a girl ignore that!” and of course there are the array of cargos, chinos, those brilliant corduroys, and lets not even get started on the shirts and the t-shirts! “Damn, those girls really have no sense of fashion!”

Get dressed and another look the mirror tells you, you aren’t looking that bad, a tuck here and little loosening there and the ponch has disappeared, or a little loose T-shirt and no one is the wiser about the number of ribs you have showing. A splash of aftershave and a dash of AXE and you’re ready to tackle the day. One last look at the full length in the mirror and you’re looking like a million bucks (atleast to yourself!)

Since you aren’t able to understand why you’re still single, you seek help from friends and so you ask your best friends (who happen to be girls) and they can’t help you either and so tell you to be patient. So you curse your stars for making you wait so long and then you start looking around to see if you can find some interesting faces around…

So why are you still single?

1. You can’t stop adoring yourself! Look beyond yourself and maybe you will see someone!

2. Clothes do not make a man, get a personality!

3. You’re surrounded by beautiful girls that you can’t seem to term as anything else but a best friend!

4. And you have a roving eye!

Still need a reason?


bluebutterfly said...

that's a really good post.... teh reasons are pretty good though I dont really agree with the theory of looking in the mirror and saying "oh, I look so good" because quite a number of single people that dont do that. They are more on the self depreciating side.
the other day I was thinking is almost eighteen to soon to feel "single".... ?

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

i dunno, is 24 too late to start feeling single?