Sunday, January 14, 2007


Ever had that feeling of disparity when you had nothing to do but a monotonous task before you and nothing to take your mind off to a different world where nothing mattered and all that ran through your head was something that resembled a dream but wasn’t quite a dream cause you were almost wide awake and performing the task with single minded intensity? I have been there and I often put myself in these strange trances where I completely lose all sense of the world around me. I needn’t even have a monotonous task at hand for such an event to take place. It just happens so often. At moments like those, I am in a mode where I think about my life and where I want to be next or what I want the next day to hold for me. But that really isn’t a concern or a reason for this post. What intrigued me most was unknown to me, somewhere in the background I was playing a Lucky Ali song… I wouldn’t have been too surprised by it because almost every activity of mine is accompanied by music but inspite of all the music I hear, I have trouble memorizing the lyrics. Yet, in those moments, all the lyrics find their correct places and all the voices find their correct tones. Sadly though, when I try to concentrate on the jukebox, the music disappears and I am back to humming tunes. Cant choose the songs either so sometimes there are some really bad flops ringing in my head (none by that despicable himesh reshammiya thankfully!). Dunno who gifted it but I am glad it came along. It keeps me relatively sane that jukebox!!!

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