Saturday, June 02, 2012

Sleepless through the night

And once again sleep eludes this night
And once again I tune in to watch ‘the’ big fat panda fight
Can’t understand, there aren’t really scars to tear at me
And yet here I am again, lying restlessly
So many dreams that I know I could see
If only I could close my eyes and wander the night aimlessly
Yet, I guess deservedly, this is what I oughta get
Endless hours in the darkness, lying in my bed
Thinking of days gone by in the life I chose
For betraying those dreams, I once held close
I guess I could tell you that I’ve grown up
But we all know that ain’t true so I guess, I’ll own up
I’m not the one to use my genius and harness it’s force
I’d much rather lay back and watch the river run its course
But I know one day, the water will have tempted me just enough
And in a burst of madness, I’ll go swimming in the rough
So till the day comes, when the time is right
I guess I’m gonna end up lying in the darkness of my bed, sleepless through the night…


Aarushi said...

WOW! I love it! You've done it yet again... said it to simply and effortlessly that its better than beautiful!

Bikram Snehi said...

Haha... Why thank you Aarushi!
And it seems, we're sleepless again!