Friday, August 03, 2012

Endless hours but they're still slipping away
I'll wake up tomorrow to another lonely day
I know you're a part of me deep within
With a blurred boundary of where I end and you begin
But here I am, listening to the pitter patter of the rain
Lying in my bed all alone, reminiscing bygone days again
I close my eyes and see blurry flashes of a once glorious past
In my mundane present, time seems to move too darned fast
Before I can come to grips with what isn't and what is
I'm back to the grind of another day, still searching for that which stays amiss
It'll be another 3 days before your smile can brighten even my darkest clouds
But until then, I'm all by myself still stumbling through self doubts
I guess that's what marriage is supposed to do
Have your better half beside, so on nights like this, they can cuddle you
I fall asleep slowly, my vision blurring while my dreams get clearer
And with every slower blink, you seem to get ever nearer
I guess some day, a year and a half down the line
I'll be lying here, holding you in these arms of mine
My eyes have finally given up and I slip slowly to my wonderful land of crazy dreams
And I come to sit beside you with our toes twinkling in the clear cool waters of the stream...

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