Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Green Hills

You wouldn't believe how green these hills are
From the light green grass by the roadside to the dark green hues on mountains afar
Every weekend when I pass by these roads I'm filled with an overwhelming sense of guilt
For I am the reason t
hat men have mauled all this beauty with the concrete snake we've built
I wonder if we'll live to face the consequences of what we've done
In the pursuit of our little patches of happiness under the sun
But I've gotta be honest, for I'm as human as can be
And though I am moved and enchanted by all that I see
I've gotta admit that if it weren't for men who strip the Earth bare
Men like me, would never be filled with such care
I wish I could spell what I see but my words won't suffice
So let me leave you with a few snippets in 3x5s...

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