Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lying in my bed and I'm being driven mad
Thoughts running nineteen to the dozen and its another sleepless night for this lad
A dripping tap that's taken up tonight's musical chores
I was supposed to be dreaming by now, drifting away to distant shores
As ever though, when I'm reminiscing, everything seems to have been so good
Yet, I'm filled with this incessant desire to go back and redo it differently if I could
What's with this inane desire I wonder, to turn back time
When everything's good with me, this life is worthy of being mine
I guess its comforting to look back and tell yourself you're smarter than before
That if you had another chance to make a fool of yourself, perhaps now, you wouldn't be as sure
But you're still here, and you still can't see that you're making another mistake
So someday you can reminisce by yourself, when at 2 am, you lie wide awake.... 

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