Tuesday, April 09, 2013

I did not have many needs
But in time, was taught to want more
To look at another’s with greed
And let jealousy lead me to what lies beyond my shore

Their teachings seemed absurd at first
And I looked at them, strangely intrigued
As they ran hard to quench their thirst
Getting thirstier as they picked up speed

Many passed me by
As I trudged on at my own pace
They looked down upon me for a while
Before being sucked back into their race

Untended, I left my sails
And I let myself drift
Travelling along an uncharted trail
Travelling as the winds saw fit

Yet, somehow, the winds have conspired
To bring me on the beaten track
To journey where all travelers are tired
But I’m still as directionless, as I was way back

They still tell me every day
That I must find intent
To wizen up to their ways
But I’m an adamant fool, stupidly content

I remember, not long ago
I was in a race with time
I lost then though
Couldn’t make it from nine to five

They tell me I’m in it once more
But they can’t fool me and I wish they’d learn
For their world is as absurd to me now as was before
And I couldn’t care less for what they think they earn

I may seem to have learned to enjoy
What now, in their world is mine
But I’m sure not even they believe my joys
For I’m really just biding my time

The winds of change will inevitably sweep in
Perhaps to drown me in a sea of words
So I let myself be carried on their whims
Even if it means immersing further in this world

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