Sunday, October 12, 2014

I'm old enough now, to want to be young again
To reminisce a past filled with walks in the rain
To want to turn back time and undo some of my past
To look on old roads and wonder how they did change as fast
To have known some people who are now dead
But whose memories will live on in my head

And yet I'm young enough to wish I was more mature than I am
To hope, that someday I'll be wiser, perhaps even a better man
To yet hold on to naive old dreams
To spend mindless hours with my feet dipping in a stream
To look forward to welcoming new lives in mine
And believe that with their presence, at the end, we'll be just fine!


Aarushi said...

Why do I feel that you've posted this before?

Or is it new?

Bikram Snehi said...

This is a new one! But wow, seems like I really am chock (in) a (writers) block!

Aarushi said...

Okkkk, I think perhaps it reminded me of couple of your poems about progressing in career, growing up...etc.

And now, it seems like you want to go back in time :D
It's strange na? We all do the same.
Can't wait to grow up, then pine forever to be young again.