Sunday, November 09, 2008


“Life is too fragile” I complained,

“With blots of disappointment it lies stained,

In the threads of joy lies sorrow engrained,

Anger and jealousy leave my heart pained,

With a burden of my own emotions I lie drained,

In hypocrisy my living days are feigned,

Why dear GOD me to this world have you ordained?”

“My son” HE said, “You have less to fear and more to rejoice,

For each passing moment holds a new choice,

A million of life’s questions that hold you in poise,

An ability you hold of hearing the clarity in noise,

Do you know not that us GODS fear your gift of hearing mortality’s voice?”


cute n confused said...

okkk...this one went WAY over my head!!!!

Bluebutterfly said...

for each passing moment holds a choice and the next depends on what you choice you made in the earlier moment ?

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

hmmm...matter of perception you know!
us humans are in constant pursuit of immortality which is one of the reasons we base our choices on the preceeding ones. if someday we came to terms with our mortality, we might be able to broaden our spectrum!

Da said...

nope, still not helping... i'm gonna throw in my lot with 'cute n confused'.. author's interpretation of the last line requested... the line suggests that we can here either humanity's voice or death's voice or both.. but for some reason, the Gods are afraid of that... ah, they want death to sneak up on us, is it? damned if we spoil their surprise!!

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

haha... ok here goes again...
life is much so that we could it mould it to what we want with our choices and yet lose it all for absolutely no reason...
the gods fear us for we are mortal...because we can die...that's the one thing that they cannot do! that's what makes alive and them immortal! rather be mortal than immortal right?