Saturday, March 21, 2009


Etched forever in the sands of time,

Stories of a careless life of mine,

A tale of two years spent in Bombay,

Shades of black, white and grey…

The pursuit of ambition in hopeless hope,

MBA, NM and this useless bloke,

And it began with new friends that soon became old,

As we did fight, did love and just occasionally did scold…

If it weren’t needed to pass, I’d never open a book,

I’d walk the beach every cranny and nook,

The lectures that always seemed to begin too soon,

The mornings that inevitably began at noon…

Sessions outside class that were always so much fun,

Filled with games, innuendos and a whole lotta pun,

Movies and coffees that soon defined life,

Those wonderful women that were reasons for joy and strife…

Forever the dreamer, even in class,

Professors forgotten, in my eyes that beautiful lass,

College life spent socializing in the quad,

Attendance that was a matter of proxies and fraud…

Bakar that went on through the night,

Economics that made it heavy and gossip that made it light,

Through jokes that the best lessons were learnt,

In the chats of our dreams that the midnight oil was burnt…

As another phase now draws to an end,

The present into the realm of memories does transcend,

When it’d begun, I’d thought I’d walk on ahead without a blink,

But things are so much different here at the brink…

Now at the farewell dance, I close my eyes to gather strength,

I lose it instead as all the images come rushing back at length,

I console myself of a better future to allay my fears,

I don’t believe myself though and there’s nothing I can do to stop my tears…