Tuesday, December 29, 2009

For Jaggidon!

Before I'd met him, they'd said he was old,
Before I knew him, I believed what I was told,
But not for long, cause soon I was certain,
There was a kid inside, hiding behind age's curtain,
A zest for life, that put those younger to shame,
From the Director to the watchmen, everyone knew his name,
An ocean of patience, bottled within,
Little or nothing, that got under his skin,
Though I've always thought, patience was just a show,
The real reason perhaps, the fact that with him everything registers a tad ___,
Like even now, I'm sure you've figured before him,
Cause right about this line, his tubelight switches on, as does his precious grin,
Yes, long overdue has been this rhyme,
But Heck, in his case, promptness would've been a crime,
So folks once more, recall the 'Bolt' salute,
And with it, that lovable Jat brute,
I'm gonna miss hear him say, 'saale cc' at the end,
Paape, I love you, my bro, my friend!

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cute n confused said...

time for a reunion!! :(