Monday, May 31, 2010

A Bombay Summer

It's the fag end of May
And unbearably hot
And when living in Bombay
I'm gonna sweat, whether I want to or not...
For no matter where I go
I can't escape the heat
Air-conditioning is the Nirvana I know
But locked indoors, how long do you think myself I can keep?
And then once outdoors
At the humidity I hurl abuse
Important work or small chores
I'd avoid them all, if I could so choose!
But hey, I'm still smiling
And I'm happily bearing the discomfort at noon
For every cloud has a silver lining
And this one ends with the arrival of my beloved monsoon!


Sneha said...

or barish warish hui kya?

I have lived in Aurangabad and know that the surroundings are beautiful during monsoons.:)

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

Abhi baarish shuru nahi hui hai...par baadal chaye hue hain aur kal halki si boonda-baandi hui thi!
And Bombay is beautiful in the rains!

Ria said...

Aah perfect for Mumbai i suppose. So apt!

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

I'm just waiting for July and a wet rainy day when I can leave for work, reach VT, decide it's too good a day to waste indoors and then take off for a walk in the rains on marine drive!
Oh! How I'm salivating at just the thought!

cute n confused said...

i like, i like, i like!!!