Monday, November 29, 2010

Conversation with the Butterfly

The 'Butterfly' wondered and said to me :

"Now and then, I see life, it’s a distant second

The first is always the dream

Caught squarely between the hazy view of morning twilight

And the rues of awakened and gloomy realities

It runs along and finds itself in the alacrity endowed to the mists of lands so pure

Life in motion but it seems inept to meet that which shimmers up ahead

The faith that lingers behind but still it swaggers in its drunken charm

You wait and gather faith or flounce and give in to the magical pull

Why do they break at times and make us wonder thus

Why do they wander so apart, unendurable first yet settling deep

For in togetherness each thrives, as one you become

But do they really stand apart at times?

Or does life itself break its ranks to sit idle and drool, to sit idle and despair?

Do you think of life as the dew that binds the cold and warm

Or as being empty to a dream, void of faith and hope?

The opulence of that peep into the future and the sustenance of hope

Doth always rekindle in you, as it doth in me

Life in its innate, ground in freedom and the courage

So true to nature, so far from conscious thought

And yet I sit in retrospect to think of one time

If I ever felt them apart, if ever did faith fall behind

The question impresses upon the foolish who think while others do

That in the prism of our being, you can’t deny a differential focus

Nor can you hover in a thick vacuum

I’m no stranger to each of the three parts as are many that surround me

And then again, it’s not each apart as I put it right?

It’s just one simple life; there are some wanting to take the reins

Some waiting, not fully knowing when the game really began."

And t'was that which I had long pondered so I replied :

"I dunno if life comes second or first
But I'm vaguely aware of my own thirst
To seek solace in memories when things go wrong
And seek hope in my dreams when I cant be strong
It's one step forward and one step back
In the mortal dance to an unheard track
My dreams and my hopes, leave reality muddled
And I live a reality that leaves me befuddled
I seek no clarity now for there is none to be found
It's all just an illusion of life, to which we all are bound...."


Ria said...

The reply was wonderful!! :) Loved the lines:

To seek solace in memories when things go wrong
And seek hope in my dreams when I cant be strong....

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

It's what we always seem to do, isnt it?

Neeha said...

Simply superb..great post..

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...


Bikramjit said...

HEllo Mr NAmesake .. wow wish i can be this good

nice conversation


Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

All credit to the 'Butterfly' then, for initiating the conversation! Liked her piece better...

rantravereflect/ jane said...

well, i just loev teh illusion you got me into there.. i seek no clarity now for there are so many answers n interpretations in ya lines :)