Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Life Moves On...

It's drizzling slightly, makes the weather romantic. Needless to say, if you're taking a walk by the promenade, you reminisce some old memories. I'm supposed to meet an old friend today and I'm awash with her thoughts right now. It's been a long time since I've met her...well, not really, maybe a month but compared to the days gone by when I met her thrice a day, it seems like an eternity.
It's ironic how I've wanted this for myself...guess I am weird but I'd thought I'd needed to experience the travails of the human, 9-5, white-collared life. Idiot that I am. I've managed to push my friends away, learnt to long for weekends and to count every second from 9 to 5.30. Take her for example. I've managed to reach a point where I only speak to her once in 10 days. I still remember so fondly how we used to text each every 10 minutes...even silly things like 'Just got into the ric...' Why, you ask? I dont know...puppy love, I guess...but then, this is so much better, isnt it? Grown ups, respecting each other's space, still close as ever despite the infrequency of contact.
In a while, dreams, memories and reality all culminate into one when she steps out of the car...still breathtakingly beautiful, still making me weak in the knees and still melting me with her takes a while for me to gather my senses and utter the first few words...but thats alright, she seems to be bursting with chatter, lots to catch up on after all! Soon enough we're moving back and forth with the conversation, a lotta flirting, a lotta sarcasm and a lotta good natured banter...the fondness, is still evident.
I smile to myself, assured, that despite everything, we're still close as ever...that we're still more than best friends.
As we're sitting together, she checks her cell. I'm admiring her beautifully painted fingernails when I half-accidentally, read the text-
'Just got dropped near the bridge...catching a ric now. How's your evening coming along?'
And then my comfortable illusions are shattered and I realize grimly, life moves on...


Ria said...

Aah that hurts! I had a smile when i started reading the post which disappeared by the time the post ended.

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

Well, it seems then, that I did do a half-decent job with this one!
As soon as I get time, I'm gonna put some more smiles and expand this one! Wrote this at lunch, on the phone...deserves better attention na?

rantravereflect/ jane said...

well, it frikking hurts n i hate it.. well, i guess moving on is teh worst part about living.. wis we all lived in status quo..

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...'s fiction!
But yeah, I suppose the fact that things change, does hurt.
But it's because we keep living with our illusions, often forgetting, reality has it's own rules and doesnt carry on in tune with our expectations.