Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Pieces of My Life that I've Left in You

I can barely face you right now
Leave alone look you in the eyes,
I know no matter where I go
I wouldn't find happiness again even if I tried...
The best times of my life were in the moments I've spent with you
Yet here I stand thinking there's something else that means more,
I guess I've always been good at lying to myself
Maybe even after you, I'll be able to live with myself, just the way I had before...
I try to muster up the courage to speak
But the words swimming in my head can't find my voice,
Some part of me wonders why I still wanna do this now
And some part tells me I don't really have a choice...
I know I'm gonna spend a lifetime in regret
When I'm grey and older I'll realise I hadn't thought this through,
But maybe someday we'll be together again when I've found what I need
And maybe someday I'll be back, to collect the pieces of my life that I've left in you...

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