Friday, December 14, 2012

The Journey to Nothingness

Its a long journey to a nothingness that awaits
Sometimes to me, it doesn't really make much sense
What is it that we trudge on for, what is it we think we'll get?
Do we really believe that there is hope for us, that another beginning shall be found at the end?

There are many milestones littered all along the path we walk
Many journeymen who like us carry on in the hope of gathering irrefutable wisdom
So why is it that we refuse to listen and learn? But choose instead to teach and talk?
And why is it that we can't fathom that wisdom awaits not along the path but right at the end?

Its a strange situation to have to find wisdom in nothing
To have to receive all of life's answers without a real choice
I suppose that's the reason we wanna get through every single day, no matter how rotten
To delay the darkness of the inevitable nothingness, to hold on to our emotions, our thoughts, our voice...

Yet, the further I get, the more human I realise I am and with each step, slower I wanna go
Taking time to give away more than I have been given, more than I have gotten
You may not agree with my thoughts on life and what I think I know
But it doesn't really matter, I'll be remembered long after you've been forgotten.

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