Friday, October 04, 2013

The Radio Theory

Windfalls please us more than our accomplishments. Take the simple example of the radio. If a song you love is playing, it makes your day. Yet, in this age, we could be listening to whatever we want with the massive cloud system we carry with us on our phones, if we'd care to search for them. A song accidentally playing on the radio though,  puts us on Cloud 9. What a lazy generation we are! 


Aarushi said...

It's not because we are lazy... I feel its because we saw a time when connectivity and communication was not so complex and widespread... So those songs we love, when they play on the radio we feel happy and on cloud 9 because its the beautiful feeling of Nostalgia :)
Reminds us of a time when things were so different that perhaps somewhere we find it difficult to connect to this speeding life and changing society and the very core of the being of our younger generations... What do you say?

Bikram Snehi said...

You're talking to a laid back guy from Pune who's been trying to fathom why Bombay tries to keep running so fast. And so I do agree with you. But you're making me feel old, very very old!