Sunday, February 15, 2009


I was talking to a friend of mine and I was pestering him for some constructive criticism on some piece I had written. I always pester him for comments...not that I dont pester others...but was irritated with why I always am eager for comments and feedback...he reckons the satisfaction should lie in writing something not what others think of here's what I said to him...
"If I write something I don't want people to read, I'll write it in my diary...if I am writing something in a public domain, it is for people to read...what good is anything I write if there isn't someone to read it besides me? And if I am writing for people to read it, I need to know what they think of it! If they like it, only then will I write...if they don't, I might well retire to writing in my little black book!"
I have 6 blogs now...6! Each one has atleast one reader...some are just written for just one reader...but there is someone to read it...if no one is going to read it, why would I write?
My point, as always, is simple...please leave a comment!


Sneha said...

Your point is well taken and i will make it a point to comment on each and every post of yours.:)

M. S. Ahluwalia said...

Sometimes one writes stuff for strangers to read, not the people he knows ;)

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

@sneha:> hehe...thank you ma'am!

@mohan:> indeed!

cute n confused said...

well,umm, comment!