Friday, April 30, 2010

Wooing a girl...

(Some poems that were written to woo someone special...what happened? Well, still waiting to find out!)

What might I say, to let you know why I'm scared,
To take a bold step to you, why I haven't dared,
Why I sit here, wondering about you,
Would we ever be more than just strangers we once knew,
I sit far away but wonder what might be,
If I dared to take a chance and set my heart free,
Of you my mind dreams and feels a little rush,
Wondering what you'd do, if you knew of my little crush...

It feels so good to wake up in the morn,
When you've had sweet dreams, all night long,
The eager infatuation, of a little boys crush,
Blended with desires of a young man's lust,
And the dreams linger on though its past mid-day,
From the boring confines of work, they carry me far away,
I play with the hope that maybe they'd come true,
And happily I carry on, dreaming of you!

In these last waking moments, just before I fall asleep,
I'm drowned in your thoughts, that over me, slowly do creep,
As my thoughts slowly transform and become your dreams,
I'm smitten by you and my happy heart beams,
I tuck myself in, turn off the lights,
And submit gladly to your dreams, for I know, its gonna be a wonderful night!

Sitting in an office and I'm supposed to be at work,
But my mind ain't quite in it, all their tasks it shirks,
And I feel like such a silly old fool,
I've hardly known you and yet, over you I drool,
Worse, I find myself confessing my thoughts,
For I love this feeling and all the joy you've brought,
Dreaming and fantasizing, with your thoughts I play,
And I really mean it when I tell you, you make my day!


Ria said...

those were some lovely poems!! Love them.

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

I wonder what 'she' feels about them though!

Sneha said...

Lovely Poems!!!

hulosona said...

be strong.. and let your heart open to her........ may be "she" can appreciate ur poems in a better manner!!!

These two lines really were awesome :
"The eager infatuation, of a little boys crush,
Blended with desires of a young man's lust,"

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

@Sneha:> Thank you!

@Hulosona:> Hehehe...yeah I did send 'em but I dont think she thinks the poems were genuine in their intent!
~Sigh~ The curse of the Bard!
And yeah, the poems seem to be growing up huh? About time too, as some have said!

cute n confused said...

nice biks!! real nice!

Bluebutterfly said...

Aww... these are cute !

and like *sigh* must tell her !!
weirdly enough even the word verification is sighs...

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

@Cutey:> Thank you!

@Kriti:> I did tell her...but I guess it wasn't quite destined to be!
Ah well, ~sigh~