Thursday, September 06, 2007

My Friends, farewell...

I don't think I have ever mentioned any names on my blog yet and today I am making an exception... I should probably have put this up the day you left but ever since I have realised I shall be bidding farewell to you, Rahul, and Appu, for a long time to come, I have only felt very hollow deep inside. Everytime I think about putting my thoughts in words, I am overwhelmed by all those memories, those late night dinners, those sit outs at e-square and a million other memories that I hold very close to my heart. I know that neither of you will read this blog much less this post but I want to say I love you guys, all of you. I love you for being there and guiding me through those dark days. I love you for showing me the light when all I saw was darkness. I love you for giving me strength when all i saw was weakness. I love you for caring for me more than I could ever care for myself. I love you for everything. I love you for nothing. I shall love you guys, all of you, Sarthak, Aperna, Avinash, Krupa and more than anyone else, you Rahul, till my dying day... You are a part of me that is being torn away but i shall not let life take the joy. I shall hold onto those memories and your friendship for my lifetime and possibly beyond. I love all you guys from the bottom of my heart... I shall miss you more than i miss my mind... I leave these lines here for you...

"It was not the moments of joy, nor the moments of strife,
It was the moments I spent with YOU, in which I lived my life."

and Rahul, this ones especially for you:

"We never care, we never bother,
No matter the joys, no matter the strife,
We live together, we die together,
Bad boys for LIFE."

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