Thursday, September 06, 2007

A zest for life is coming back to me,
I am everything i ever wanted to be,
I dont need wings to take me high,
I just feel that today I can fly,
I just am so glad i had a conversation today,
With my friends from so far away,
I realised how much i have transformed,
From being the carefree soul who left everyone charmed,
But no more shall i disappear into a world of my own,
This world I live in is more beautiful and it i must adorn,
I know i must break out and pick up what i had begun,
Cause all the people around me are missing out on the fun,
And guys i am thankful and am greatful to you for being there for me, near or afar,
Am thankful to you for letting nothing else matter and holding me so close, no matter how far!!!

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