Monday, January 12, 2009

Lemme tell you of this friend of mine,

Haven’t known him for too long a time,

Speaks a language that is his own,

Every sentence with a bit of profanity thrown,

Yet never is it offensive, his manner or tone,

Held close by all to whom he is known,

Always the guy that’s just a call away,

Not for us, for his gal I say!

The friend that sticks by through thick n thin,

Sometimes my partner for the mess I’m in,

I love talking endlessly to the bloke,

Sometimes over meals but mostly over smoke,

He’s the part of Bombay that I really like so,

Heck…I wrote him a poem…well what do you know!


cute n confused said...

who is this??
and biks....i want my own peom too!!!

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

dudette i sent you this one!!!
it started off with vinit in mind but when i was done, i realised it was perfect for both vinit and tags!
and vinit had to wait 3 months for this, saira n anuja got one just last'll have to wait a lil longer...(or until such a time when i'm so bored i start writing for my friends! although, the next will be on you...!)

cute n confused said...

u did not! tagre came to mind wen i read this...
mine: soon!!!

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

oh i did...have it in the outbox still to prove it!!!
you are WIP as of today!

cute n confused said...

good...god knws, i need a poem today..