Saturday, January 24, 2009


Some walls are built to keep out something,

Then there are others that are built to hold it all in,

Some walls are built ‘cause so we choose,

Then there are others that come up ‘cause of a bruise,

Some walls form foundations of strength,

Then there are those that are weak with a dent,

Some walls we guard with all our might,

Then there are those that we keep out of our sight,

Some walls that are built up from the ground,

Then there are those that up in the air can be found,

Some walls that we’d never like breached,

Then there are those that we hope someone beyond will have reached,

Some people that will never be able to walk beyond a few walls,

Then there are some that you let float across them all…


cute n confused said...


cute n confused said...

and biks, i knw i'm complicated, but i cant be tht complicated tht i'm WIP for so long!!!!

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

thank you ma'am!

and truly sorry dear...i've tried a hundred starts for you but nothing still fits the way it should...i will admit, you're my most difficult subject yet...but perhaps because i dont wanna miss out on're too darned diverse to encapsulate in a few lines!

Psy said...

Aaaaaah :) :) :)

You only reach out to breach the walls of those who make you ache with what their ignorance is doing to them... if you care enough for them, of course.

And of course, you have the idiot sort, who are so ignorant that they believe that they have the right to stay within their fortresses, no matter what people who love them might be going through due to their situation... sound familiar Bika?

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

slightly familiar maybe...

cute n confused said...

thank u!