Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Love is difficult to get by,

Sometimes it leaves you just when you are feeling high,

Just when you thought things would be right,

It suddenly disappears right outta sight,

And then we wonder what it was that we did wrong,

Then we wonder why all it gave us was a sad song,

But then a broken heart is what teaches you the true meaning,

Of being in love, of truly feeling,

What it means to have felt someone as a part of you,

What it means to love someone, pure and true,

After all, love could never have been beautiful if you hadn’t let it go,

Cause then when the right person came along, you wouldn’t know,

Cause you would be blind to their presence,

Always hoping for that one essence,

Love isn’t about how close you held,

Its all about the way your heart swelled,

It isn’t about perennially being with your sweetheart,

Its about being able to let them depart,

Wonder why sometimes its so hard for us to realize,

That sadness doesn't necessarily follow demise,

That the end of one phase marks the beginning of another,

That in time our heart will once again flutter,

That the best isn’t getting over in a hurry,

We’ve only just begun and theres no reason to worry,

Start afresh, cause today is a brand new day,

A kiss for luck and you are on your way!


cute n confused said...

my god biks! its awesome man!!!
so frigging true!!

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

hehehe... yes it is... happens to everyone doesnt it? and when it does we assume that no one else is going through what we are but the fact of the matter being that we are all the same age and we are all in the same phase...
wonder why so many of us believe otherwise...