Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I am running around in circles,

All I am doing is jumping hurdles,

I wanna break free, chase my dreams,

I wish you could hear all my screams,

This life is great but its not really mine,

I don’t care much for fine clothes and deep red wine,

I would rather be free on the road,

Bike in hand and nothing to care for, no load,

Cause my life is my own and I only live once,

I want all the joys and sadness before I die like a dunce,

This life aint bad enough to let it waste so soon,

In this lifetime I wanna do everything under the moon,

I don’t wanna be the one who spent his lifetime doing but one thing,

I wanna be the one who spent one lifetime doing everything,

I wanna have money in buckets to pour,

And then spend it all till I have no more,

And then when I die with no possessions to my name, I want my epitaph to say,

“Here lies Bikram, who tried for everything till his dying day…”