Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sleep on a Chocolate!!!

My life is simple and my solutions to most problems tend to be just the same, simple. In fact, my only two solutions to any problem are “sleep on it” or “have a chocolate…”

I mean it, I really cannot think of any better solutions than those for any problem at hand. I shall illustrate for your benefit:

1. You: “I am having a bad day”

Me: “have a chocolate”

2. You: “I am feeling low”

Me: “sleep on it”

3. You: “I am feeling bad about …”

Me: “have a chocolate”

4. You: “I did something bad today and am feeling guilty”

Me: “sleep on it”

5. You: “theres this gal I like and she doesn’t like me”

Me: “have a chocolate and then sleep on it”

6. You: “theres this guy I dislike and he keeps bugging me”

Me: “sleep on it and think about chocolates”

(this advice is obviously intended for women who for some reason need to watch their figures and will keep away from chocolates)

7. You: “I haven’t studied at all for the test”

Me: “have a chocolate”

8. You: “I had a fight with a friend”

Me: “sleep on it”

9. You: “I hate the food in the canteen”

Me: “have a chocolate”

10. You: “I am in a financial crunch”

Me: “sleep on it”

Hence I hope you have understood that the best advice you can receive from me is to have a chocolate and sleep on it… So the next time you are in a dilemma and need advice, first have a chocolate and then sleep on it. If you still need help, I am always here for you (but I am gonna give you the same advice so I dunno how that will help but anyways…)

(this advice though seemingly sarcastic and stupid is based on very scientific grounds. For starters, chocolate is considered by most doctors as a calming agent. Cocoa in the chocolate serves as a very good stress reliever. Sleep on the other hand, helps clear all doubts in our mind especially because it ensures our mind gets much needed relaxation. A combination of both of course is the best solution I can provide you because then you are much calmer and relaxed and in a better position to solve any probem with a clear head… don’t overdo it though. A chocolate a day and no more. Even that chocolate needs an outlet cause, as one of my best friends would tell you, there are infinite calories in chocolate. Not that she would ever need to watch them but she does so… Sleep is good but a maximum of 8 hours a day… don’t stretch it and don’t let it overwhelm your work schedule. So next time you are stressed out about something, sleep on a chocolate!)


Id it is said...

Your advice is taken most willingly...chocolate and sleep...mmmm

cute n confused said...

i second this advice. it has been measured. it has been weighed and it has been found NOT WANTING!
(in case u didnt get it, go and watch A Knight's Tale.lovely movie)

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

id-->> glad to be of service

lehar-->> not seen it... will try to whenever i can...