Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I couldn't do it right the first time,
Thought it up but couldn't say that one line,
And I don't ask for a second chance,
I scream out and want more than just a glance!

I wait on wiser this time around,
I hope that once again, in love I will be drowned,
And I hope that you will soon come by,
That this time, I will do more than just try!

Last time around when I had to choose,
Made the choice and her I did loose,
Gimme anything but don't gimme a choice,
I don't wanna end up making the same mistake twice!

Cause I too want to feel what it is like to be held,
In her presence, to have all my confidence felled,
I too wanna get mushy and get into a needless fight,
I wanna know what it is like to not always be right!

Wherever you are I hope that you will read this,
And know that for all my days, you I always miss,
That someday my world will have changed,
When we shall meet as destiny has arranged...

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