Friday, April 25, 2008

Depression and a Matrimonial!

I am at the depths of depression today. (Be forewarned…this one is another one of the cribbing and melodramatic posts that I put up occasionally!) Was listening to Bryan Adams (as usual…btw, if you are a Bryan Adams fan and if you haven’t heard his new album “11” I recommend you do so soon. It is disappointing the first time you hear it because there is nothing extra-ordinary in the album. It’s the same old tunes, sung in the same old Bryan Adams manner that we all are accustomed to and well, it is nothing different from any of his other albums. But the tunes were never his forte really were they? It’s that voice and more importantly the lyrics. Honestly, the first time around, it is rather pale but trust me, by the 11th time, you will be hooked and I’ll be damned if you aren’t crooning the songs along with him! It is like “IV” and just grows on you!)
Right, getting back to the depths of depression (see, I told you the album was great! I was out of the depths of depression just thinking about it there!) As I was saying, I was listening to Bryan’s album and one particular song that really is deep. The first line starts with “How come the best ones-are always taken?” and it hit me. The “BEST” ones are always taken! 23 years and I have never been taken! NEVER!!! Damn… so now I am certain of where I stand! And it took me so long to realize that the BEST ones are the ones that are taken! There go any last remaining hopes that I might have had of finding someone! I guess my only hope now is a matrimonial website… anybody know some good matrimonial sites?
Btw, I thought of a great matrimonial for myself! Goes something like this
“Bikram Snehi, Age 23, Height 5’11”, MBA,
Open-minded, willing to sacrifice career to be a house-husband to a
Career oriented wife, willing to adopt, open to extra-marital affairs,
No demands from prospective bride, no dowry shall be paid though!
Interested parties may contact by mail on ”


cute n confused said...

best, is a very subjective word! wht's best for u maye worst for someone! and going by ur proposed matrimonial, ur best will definitely be a unique hang in there buddy..she's on her way..

Dumuro said...

See Please Here

bluebutterfly said...

that is one excellent matrimonial ad ..girls would definitely line up for that one ..

as for the 11 cd ..
i have heard the songs .. teh one you are talking about is .. aint fight something....
but then i thought the tunes were same .. same melodies ..
i have moved onto onerepublic

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...
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Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

cute:> hey, it will have to be someone special bear with me!!!

blue:> yup the tunes are still the same...repetitive to say the least...
but the songs grew on over time, love them now!

Fangs said...

dude, for some time in college you were taken.
If you give it some thought you won't remember me hitting on you those days..

see? makes you feel better?
And how about the incident on the bike last night?
that HAD to make you feel good!

back to topic - i spent a lot of time feeling like shit cos I always seemed to be getting rejected (read: dumped unceremoniously)

Then a day came when I shook myself of the image. good things started to happen then.. and ive been very happy ever since.

(you have to be reaaallly dumb to not fiure out what i mean by the above)

so chill.

and you're such a liar.
you'll try to understand the affair, but your heart will never listen your head.

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

dude, you feeling me on the bike was traumatic! i am still reeling from the after effects!
and the matrimonial is for women not for rohans...much as i love you, i dont quite think i wanna marry you...

and bi-atch, the only reason you werent hitting on me was because you were taken then...excuses...

Fangs said...

but that was funny like hell!!!

Esp with the oooh... bikraam!!!

and its funny how we were talking about it and not even 10 minutes later, the appearance occurred!