Tuesday, October 21, 2008

High 5!

The bluebutterfly tagged me yet again...This time it's a high 5!

Q> List 5 things that you want to say to people but never will. Don’t say who they are.

1.> I love you mom and dad…I’d be nothing without you. (I’m still a guy so I know I wont say this to them…)

2.> You’re my best friend. Lighthouse in the storm of my life… more than 20 years now! God you have patience!

3.> I fell in love with you the day I saw you and even then I knew it was doomed…

4.> I wish I’d met you earlier…wish the story of my life wouldn’t be “Right place, wrong time…” with you.

5.> I never let go of any of my friends…you wont escape either…try me!

Q>Five Things I’d Love to Do before I Die:

1.> Fly a MIG 25 FOXBAT

2.> Gift my dad a BMW 7 Series

3.> Gift my mum a huge house in Patna

4.> Publish my works, either a collection of my poems or my autobiography

5.> Make you proud of having known me!

Q>Five Things I Will Not Do Even If It Kills Me:

1.> Enter politics

2.> Spend my days in a 9 to 9 job at the cost of my dreams

3.> Quit writing poems

4.> Propose!

5.> Sing and dance simultaneously in public!

Q>Five Things I Do When I’m Away From The Public:

1.> Dig my nose

2.> Scratch myself

3.> Sleep

4.> Write

5.> Think about my folks

Q>Five Favorite Sentences (most often used):

1.> Pleased to meet you (ask my friends, they’d tell you!)

2.> I’m Bikram

3.> I love POONA

4.> I love my bike


(Yeah the blank is for all the times that I choose to hear rather than speak…)

Q>Five Things I’ll Make You Wish You Didnt Do, If You Did:

Ummm… I can’t think of any… I am a little too liberal to say anything to anyone. “To each their own.”

5 people I tag:

1.> Saurabh
2.> Lehar
3.> Saira
4.> Bikram
5.> Mahi
5.> Ferrin
5.> Anirudh
5.> Rohan

Yeah so I'm bad at math...sue me!


Saira said...

dont lie biks u scratch urself even when ur around us.

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

yeah i know...
bombay is way too humid for me!
but i dont scratch myself incessantly in public, it's different when im alone...

cute n confused said...

u do suck at math...
(can i kill u? i still havent completed the ;ast tag..)

Mahi said...

hey, nice tag! thanks for tagging me...will do it wen i get time:)

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

@lehar:> sure, as soon as you can finish both the tags!

@mahi:> i sure hope you do!

Ferrin B said...

i was ALWAYS bad when it came to doing tags...sigh. i'll try to do it.

oh by the way, "I fell in love with you the day I saw you and even then I knew it was doomed…"

i knew it i knew it i KNEW IT!!! i KNEW all ur romance poems were directed at someone. :D

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

take your time!

and that was a one way street...long time ago...doesn't count...

Bluebutterfly said...

kind of surprised that the five saying things dont have any bad,dont-like-you sentences but then that's good.
"Think about my folks" is nice....and come on, you wont propose...sheeshhhh...what will you guys tell your kids ?

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

hahaha...tell my kids???
oh geez have i've got such tales to tell them!
but yeah i wont propose...i dont have the guts! (which actually makes the story a lot more interesting if you think about it!)

((and you watch 'how i met your mother' do you? nice if you do! i'm hooked to it!))