Sunday, October 19, 2008

Why am I still single?

When you are 24 and still single, you understandably spend a lot of time trying to analyse why it is that you are still single. Sometimes, you wonder if you are just plain unattractive but then you bump into people who are slightly worse off than you and so not single. At other times, you wonder if maybe women find you just too boring but then again, you remind yourself of the innumerable buffoons you know that couldnt strike an intelligent conversation who most definitely aren't single. Then sometimes you wonder if it's because you are unavailable but then if you were, you wouldn't be asking yourself why you are still single right? Then again, you sometimes wonder if you are gay which you reassure yourself you aren't because you definitely are into women...
So then why is it that I am still single?
I think it has something to do with the fact that
a) I was in a nursery school exclusively for boys (of course, since then it has become co-ed but that wasn't the case whilst 'I' was there...)
b) I went to 2 of the best schools in Pune which unfortunately enough for me, were both boy's schools. (and no, neither of them is co-ed even now)
c) I studied mechanical engineering in a class of 57 boys... you see a pattern here? Well if you do, I must say you are wrong. I know a ton of people who have done the same things as me and are most definitely not that begs the question again, why am I still single? Any answers anyone?


Fangs said...

ok, we've had this discussion before. but anyways..

You're single mainly cos when you get to know a girl, you slip into the normal friend mode.

There is some amount of flirtatious talk reqd, which, last i checked, you were incapable of.

'cos even if a girl is interested subconsciously, the way you are kills all that..

imho, you need to be a little (just a little) more flirtatious..
show a little interest...

this analysis stemming from the fact that i was like what you were..
and hence single..

also, there was ONE girl for 3 years in engg..
the fact that she flunked out shouldnt bother you that much!!!

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

a) in the 4 years of engineering, i dont exactly remember you being single.

b) that one girl as you would agree, wasnt exactly a part of the class. and we had 2 girls if you remember correctly...the second one of course, didnt exactly for a part of the class either... hehehe...

c) i am a fairly decent flirt in my own rights. i am a gemini after all...i just am choosy about whom i flirt with. you obviously arent my types and hence wouldnt know...i could give you references though...

(ok so i'm lying about the 3rd one)

cant help it man...i'm just mr.goody-two-shoes and i can't stop being it!


Ferrin B said...

mr. goody two shoes!! exactly. WHY are you single??

"At other times, you wonder if maybe women find you just too boring "

i find you interesting, really lol :D

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

i'll tell you why being mr. goody-two-shoes contributes to being single (and this is a reason given to me by most of the women i know!) women look for the bad in guys that they can's an inherent part of their nature- to try and change the guy the me women can't find that changeable aspect apparently...weird? tell me about it!

and lay off on the "interesting..." sarcasm...

Bluebutterfly said...

Now I could tell you to be patient and wait for Ms.Right, but then after reading all the Good reasons,even the gay angle part I am wondering myself so that seems inappropriate.
As for the above comment, I appreciate it, because you understand about the chnaging part though I am not talking about the why change part. its just that some men are too dim to get even the you-are-too-good-to-change-part.
Now that I am at it, I wonder why is it only the bad who get changed, why not the good guys into the bad guys.
that's just thinking too much.

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

no no...the good guys change too when they meet the bad girls!
see that's my dilemma! i flit ever so easily between being good and bad just based on the company i have!
the good girls think i am good, the bad ones know i am bad and that leaves me 'single!'
(stupid two-facedness from being a gemini!)