Sunday, October 12, 2008

Legend in an Epic

My sheltered life was once opened to the world,

In less than a flash, a lot at me it hurled,

A storm that waltzed through all the calm,

My life’s control was snatched outta my palm,

Confused I stood like a deer caught in the headlights,

My spirit softened, I seemed to be losing my fights,

In the turbulence though I found new freedom,

I stumbled in love and discovered it’s wisdom,

I found my strength in someone else,

Discovered new courage that within me always dwells,

Friendships forged that brought in a new essence,

Showed me a new way of learning all my lessons,

As slowly things were brought back into focus,

Once again I could define my own locus,

I learnt of all those battles that within me were fought,

When I was on both the sides and in between I was caught,

Family and friends that guided me through,

As they stood by me, the strength in me grew,

Although love was lost, the friendships stood strong,

Not just in the right but more so in the wrong,

My smiles and sighs I found in others,

Discovered the joy in sharing their bothers,

As I learnt life was about more than mortal joys,

Wasn’t about the destination but the journey we employed,

Learnt that the child in me should never be lost,

That the insanity within keeps me warm in humanity’s frost,

I sail through a life that could well be a movie,

With a storyline & script that makes it groovy,

It follows a rhyme that is beautifully poetic,

I am a legend and this is my epic!


Fangs said...

but i felt that the rhyming was a bit forced...

not the natural flow that i usually associate with you..


Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

yeah probably cause i liked the line
"I am a legend and this is my epic"
but am not necessarily convinced i could actually post all that makes my life one of epic proportions...
or probably cause i was bored as bored can be and in a lecture on sunday morning when i wrote that!
or probably both...
take your pick!