Thursday, September 17, 2009

Austere? What's that?

I had to look up the dictionary to find out what exactly the friggin word meant and I found this-
1 a : stern and cold in appearance or manner b : somber, grave austere critic>
2 : morally strict : ascetic
3 : markedly simple or unadorned austere office> austere style of writing>
4 : giving little or no scope for pleasure <austere diets>
(Courtesy Merriam-Webster)

I think the politicians need to understand the usage of the term clearly. I reckon they wanna be '2' and/or '3' i.e. morally strict/markedly simple or unadorned. Ummm...hey wait! Wasn't the nation up in arms against moral policing not-so-long ago? that's what they mean when they say the public has a short-memory!
Being simple or unadorned is one thing but giving little or no scope for pleasure is quite another altogether now, innit?
If people who can afford more than your simple economy class are gonna travel economy class, can the people who travel economy class be allowed to travel business/first class in their stead then? I mean, it is a large population that this nation supports. If the elite travel economy, the aam-junta sure as hell ain't gonna be able to travel economy! For starters, thanks to the entourage of the VIPs, there's gonna be less space for the aam-junta to travel in! Obviously, the politicians will need another quota in the economy class since their plans aren't always in place 60 days in advance now are they? And well, let's not get started on the security issues. If I am sharing the same facilities as a VVIP, I am gonna be subject to quite a security check aren't I? Please, respect my privacy...I dislike being frisked by over-grown males! And well, the fact that they become an easy target for whoever seeks to do harm is another story altogether!
Why do it, I implore? Will the Gandhi parivar please spare us these muddled attempts at setting dumbass examples?
What are you saving for anyways? Aren't you trying to infuse liquidity in the economy with your fiscal and monetary policies? Well, isn't bureaucratic travel a part of the fiscal expenditure? Aren't you supposed to increase that? (Anyone who tries to friggin tell me that this isn't exactly the kinda fiscal expenditure that should be increased will get six red marks across their face...sarcasm, learn to recognise it sometimes.)
Elections must be near...I can see no other reason for such bright wisdom...
Apologies to all those readers who were looking forward to something better than politics in this space!


Ria said...

hmm...i dint know austere has so many meanings to it!

And abt the politicians....i never felt like sparing a thought for them. I find them too irritating.

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

Hehehe...yeah, none of us gives two hoots...including some of the newbie politicians!
You should read some of the things Shashi Tharoor has to say!

Fangs said...

1. 6 red marks?

2. "I dislike being frisked by over-grown males"... so you like being frisked by under-grown males?

man.. i see the confession of a perv all over this blog!

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

1. You obviously haven't slapped someone or been slapped! It leaves a distinct mark of five fingers and a thick red underlining mark of your palm! Try it...six distinct marks I can assure! Especially when I slap!

2. Have you seen small men work as security guards??? (And under-grown? Like grown under what???)

cute n confused said...

I did expect better than politics, but I read the whole thing. Achievement I’d say, for never read politics. Even if I start reading about it, I leave it mid-way (an absolute waste of time I think)
But this one was good. Sarcastic. Obvious. Funny.
And even better is this married –couple-like fights u n rohan have all the time! :D

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

Lehar honey, you're too kind!
And I don't have a girlfriend so I need to have someone to bicker with right?

Bluebutterfly said...

Frisked by over grown males.. lol..
I dont undertand what this austerity drive is aimed at, perhaps it just an excuse to disturb our morning news.

How much money do they save traveling in economy class, aint no comparison to the amount they have stashed away in their swiss accounts.

Oh, Congress thinking cattle class referred to Rahul Gandhi was such a hoot !