Friday, September 04, 2009

I wonder how, I wonder why...

In the silver in front of me,with familiarity I'm faced,
A million times over his features my eyes have traced,
A likable front that he's always trying to show,
I see through him though,he's not a nice man to know,
As I stare for longer,I'm perplexed even more,
He is loved even now,perhaps more than before,
I close my eyes wondering all the while,
Everytime that she looks at him,why does she still smile,
She knows him better,better than I do,
His facade I see,she sees right through,
His faults so brazen yet she seems not to mind,
Closer to herself,him does she bind,
I'm scared of him,but him,she doesn't seem to fear,
I look on bewildered but to her it seems clear,
I'll never quite fathom,what it is about her,
All I know is she loves me despite me,for now n forever...


Sneha said...

Ky baat hai.

really nice,sweet and beautiful.:)

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

Thank you!
Kaash aisi koi mil jaati ab!