Monday, September 28, 2009

The Butterfly!

'Suddenly, in my idyllic glance,
Upon a lovely creature, I happen to chance,
I stand afar and watch her real close,
A happy butterfly, flittering by a rose,
A soft summer breeze, blows in her wings,
In lazy melancholy, they flutter as if to sing,
Then she breaks her flight, with mischievous intent,
Leaves me surprised, as I see her transcend,
At once in her eyes, a naughty hint,
At once replaced, by an angelic glint,
A little bit of beauty, a little bit of grace,
I'm infected by the sunny smile, that her lips do trace,
Troubled does she seem, by neither disdain nor care,
Floating carefree on the breeze, like her wisps of hair,
Then as suddenly as she'd come, she's gone and I sigh,
Longing for whence I'd see again, that flittering-fluttering butterfly!'

In this poem - Priyanka Mishra.

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