Tuesday, September 08, 2009

My Playlist

I have 186 songs on my phone...only 9 on my playlist...and I haven't heard the other 177 in 2 months now...waste of a lotta storage space I'd say!
Well, each one of those songs, has some very special memories linked to them...here are the 9-
1. Nothing Else Matters (The lyrics are just hauntingly true! The tune, simply immortal!)
2. The Reason (Always reminds me of what a moron I am and how much of whatever I have had, is credited to all those wonderful people that love me and keep forgiving me for all my goof-ups.)
3. Goodbye My Lover (Every word seems to have been written for me.)
4. Lips of an Angel (Was sitting with a lot of my family one night, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. when she called...incidentally, I had heard the song just moments ago on my brothers playlist! Life's just ironic sometimes eh?)
5. I Wanna Be A Rockstar (Like who doesn't? They've put everything just perfectly in that song!)
6. Kuch Is Tarah (Someone did really take away a lotta pain with those words...still does!)
7. Sound the Bugle (Incredibly inspiring when you're feeling low!)
8. Road Trippin' (I'd love to do that someday...it's like the once in a lifetime experience...leaves me with some unfulfilled dreams to look forward to!)
9. Iris (I really would give up forever...bah hambug...but I don't have forever do I? Darned mortality!)

I put this here so years later, I can come back, read and recall all those wonderful memories I've left behind!
Btw, I enjoy nothing more than putting words to a tune. I wish I was a little more musically endowed. Would've loved to write songs! Ah well, I guess I'm left with trying to put words to someone else's tunes. I write most of my poems listening to these 9 songs. Most of them, follow the tune that's playing in my ears at the time...something you didn't know for you there!


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Bluebutterfly said...

Nice !
Intresting choices !
Seven of them feature on my playlist too...
I love 2-5...

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

Hehe...I think I can tell the two songs that aren't on your list! Perhaps 6 and 8?