Saturday, May 31, 2008


Hey girl!

You could be all bad,

Inside, you could be a messed up wad,

You might even be selfish,

And yes I know I wasn’t the first one to share your kiss…

Hey girl!

You might have been wrong,

Made a bad choice and lived with it for long,

You could even be evil,

And yes I know behind my back you have been the devil…

Hey girl!

You could think I deserve better than you,

That maybe someday I will when I am through,

But whatever you do, don’t walk away,

All I want is for you to stay…

Hey girl!

You can be as confused as you want to be,

Know it now, you are the reason life is enchanted to me,

You might even think that I probably am better off without you,

But to me nothing is worthwhile, without you…


bluebutterfly said...

now this one, i really like ...

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

muchos gracias!