Saturday, May 31, 2008


I don’t know what the spate of the others around me is but for me, if there were some channels that I might block my kids from seeing, it would be the news channels…not the music channels with gordy videos, the sex in the videos is still tolerable, I am sure I can help my kids understand the truths of life. Not FTV even with their inevitable wardrobe malfunctions, I am sure the kids have the internet anyways so nude bodies shouldn’t be that big a deal. Not the “K” serials with all the unnecessary melodrama cause I have a remedy for that, I’ll introduce them to some fabulous comedy sitcoms to get over the K culture…but I don’t have a remedy for the “NEWS” channels…

Honestly, aren’t news channels supposed to deal with the daily events and happenings and deliver them to us? The first thing people do when they get up in the morning, is read the headlines of the newspapers. Consider that despite the fact that we live in a time when we have such fabulous connectivity we could access the other end of the globe at the click of a button and if we want to know what happened the day before we could switch on the tv and let someone else read out the news for us while we go on with our daily chores but do we do that? No! We still prefer reading our NEWS from a newspaper! Now why is that?

I’ll tell you why…because the NEWS channels do not deliver NEWS they deliver JUDGEMENT. Some NEWS is just pathetically sensationalized. I hate prying into someone else’s life but at this point of time I make an exception…the news these days is filled with the case of a double murder of a servant and a girl. Now what ticked me off most was the fact that before anything else, they start suspecting the father of the girl. Now I know the whole situation does leave the father as the prime suspect but the reasoning of one of the NEWS channels was because the father did not want to speak to the media after his daughter was discovered to have been murdered. WHAT? Are you kidding me? Which freak runs thses channels? You expect any father to be addressing the media after he has heard his daughter’s been murdered? The whole investigation isn’t complete yet and the police are no closer to solving the murder than they were on day one. I believe the constitution says “NOT GUILTY UNLESS PROVEN.” Are these so called NEWS channels now above the law of this country? Why can’t they just treat him as a suspect instead of labeling him a murderer yet?

Well, I don’t know what you think but I would like to state something for the NEWS channels and hope they take it seriously…


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cute n confused said...

i agree. they hve absolutely no frigging right to judge people, thy have never ever even met.