Saturday, May 31, 2008


Life knows no bounds,

Sometimes happiness and sometimes sadness does surround,

One of these days, it might just all end,

Who knows what is held around the next bend,

But whatever happens, I have lived this life,

To the fullest through all my joys and strife,

And it would have been incomplete without you all,

To hold me steady when I was about to fall,

So much that has come and gone,

So much that tomorrow might still be shown,

All those little bits of romance,

All those hopes of getting a second chance,

And I don’t know if people get to say good-bye,

But I know I wouldn’t wanna wait till the day the angels ask me to fly,

It’s been a good life and I wouldn’t change a thing,

The perfect ballad that all over again I’d love to sing,

If tomorrow I must walk into the depths of hell,

(and heaven’s outta bounds cause in my heart you dwell)

I don’t wanna go having left anything unsaid,

Love you till my dying breath, it stands confessed…

Just a premonition that said i oughta write a swan song...haven't quite had the best of times recently...

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