Tuesday, May 20, 2008

When GOOGLE defines my LIFE!

Today I shudder to think what life would have been like without google. Almost every activity that I pursue these days is extensively with google in the loop at some point or the other. Matter of fact being, that my whole life at this point in time is strung together with google as the joining thread for everything. Don’t get me wrong, I am not being paid by google for this article nor am I naïve enough to ignore the numerous other powerhouses that fuel the internet in this day and age…all I am saying is that for me, google is what defines life. And I know a lot of others out there who live a life like mine. Generation X, generation Y are both passé now, in this age, we are the generation G – for GOOGLE!

Be it a movie, google comes to the rescue with a quick search for an available show, don’t even ask about studies. I believe google has made the library obsolete and for a whole bunch of us, has been instrumental in providing us with a wide array of learning material and resources, all for free! (Or atleast I haven’t paid too much for it!) It has kept me connected with a whole bunch of people I would’ve otherwise not had a chance of staying in touch with (Including the crush from college whom I was too scared to talk to back then! Funny theory I have there, inspired by “The Wonder Years” more on that later…) Helps me talk to my friends across the seas for free! No charge! And if it weren’t for GTALK, I dunno what I would’ve done in my free time! (Probably ended up studying or reading! Imagine that!) Last but not the least, BLOGGER gave me the power to publish my thoughts and be creative. Without my blog, I assume I would’ve been missing a whole side to myself…

And yes there are a whole bunch of other similar portals providing as many services if not more than google. I though am one of those brand loyal morons and so it’s google for me!

(By goly, I am a slave to google…almost!)

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cute n confused said...

i was just wondering..wht makes google work? as in..how do thy do it?
ne idea?