Thursday, June 26, 2008

The "I Remember You!!!" Rule

All of us have trouble remembering all the people from our past. The condition is even worse when someone calls you up at long last and then you just can't give the name a face! After a few minutes of awkward conversation, you finally recall and then suddenly, bang in front of your eyes is the image of that person from the first time that you thought they were noteworthy. Sometimes it's the first time that you met and sometimes the last time you bid them farewell. But strangely enough, you could be 20 years down the line and still the image that comes to your mind would be the one from the first time you met!

I have a few strange images of people. Yesterday, I bumped into an old friend after many years and reminiscing the old days, suddenly brought forth a name from my past. And the first image that popped to my mind was not the one from an early morning basketball practice, not the one from one of the several matches we played together, not one from the lunch breaks but one from 7th grade with him looking straight ahead at the teacher in the midst of an exam with 3 fingers held up slyly against his cheek indicating the question number for which he wanted the answer! We must have had so many other memorable times together but that was the first image that popped to my mind!

The best one though is of my best friend which epitomises the friendship we share. We have known each other since pre-nursery and yet, the image I carry of him is from the first day we met. The first time we were being taught how to write, I had lost my eraser and was rubbing a wet finger on the paper to erase whatever it was that I had written. Suddenly I felt a whack on my back and there was this chubby boy telling me that it wasn't a good thing to be doing and offered me his eraser. To this day, he has always been the one to whack me whenever I have been doing wrong...

Funny eh? I am sure you suffer from the same. Somehow, the image that I can conjure when I am thinking about someone is always the same for that first few moments before the memory kicks in. I call it the "I remember you!" rule cause it's the reaction that is evoked when you suddenly recall somebody and the image in front of you is the one that you will carry to your grave (and just to sound a little profound and intelligent) ...maybe beyond!


Mahi said...

That was a thought provoking post! It's true, even if we forget their names, the images that we associate with them would not be erased off our memories for a very long time! And those images may not necessarily be from the first time we set our eyes on them.

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

and thought provoking from me!!!
i am proud of myself!!!