Saturday, June 21, 2008

Playing Second Fiddle

R has propounded a theory that suggests I am one of those people who love playing second fiddle. He says I am the kind of guy who will always play the supporting role and never take the lead and take others to task. Always the people who will provide the essential support and guidance but despite being able to probably lead better, will never step up to the plate and deliver. And yes, he is right. I am someone who will always pull the strings from the background never once stepping up to the plate to deliver. I prefer letting my knowledge rest in the background even though I might be able to shed a different light on a subject.

Well, more concerning, so says R, is my reluctance to ever take a nose dive into a relationship. I think he has pretty much seen most of the relationships I have shared with women (read in the singular tense, though written in the plural sense hoping to not look like a loser!) and I suppose he is one the three people who have known exactly what I have had in my heart. Obviously the other part of the problem comes with the fact that I haven’t ever let my heart take precedence over my mind and have always done what might be deemed as the right thing to do. Trust me, doesn’t work that way if you are ever gonna share a relationship with someone. A relationship is about uncertainity, about trusting your instincts and taking a dive into the unknown with someone you think will be there for you in whatever unexpected turn there are to come. (Ironically enough, I have lived my life the way I should’ve handled my relationships and handled my relationships the way I should’ve lived my life!) I have always been awesome with giving people advice on their lives…I guess I need someone to help me with my own! Always happy playing second fiddle. But what the heck, as long as I am happy as a bumble bee right?

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