Saturday, June 21, 2008

Random Rhymes

1. Sometimes beyond our sights we need to see,

beyond our sorrows and moments of glee,

its a time when both you n me,

need to move forward, set our hearts and minds free!

2. what do you think the heart does seek?
why does our courage mellow and spirits go weak?
why away from our troubles do we flee?
when all we need to do, is set our worries free...

3. time flies and memories grow,
with every passing day, a new seed we sow,
and yet the new can we only see,
when we allow ourself to set our past free!

4. a million miles between us now,
yet i hope of seeing you somehow,
someday maybe across the sea,
ill fly to you and together we'll be!

5. do you remember that once upon a day,

you and me together had walked this way,

and now across the screens we talk,

wondering when together we might walk,

and re-live and re-make all those stories,

ones that we now seem to call memories!

6. time brings us close, time takes us apart,
friends that arrive, friends that depart,
until one day, we aren't reason for each other's smiles,
separated by a distance, not measured in miles!!!


Fangs said...

Oft have i told you - steer clear of the past;
alas, equally oft have you said that the actors in this play are already cast,
In saying this, I don't think I could be more crass,
but #5 makes me wanna kick your arse.

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

dude... that was brilliant!!!

i know your advice about steering clear of the past but i still ask why?
yes there are moments that leave me with a sigh,
but there are also those moments that bring a smile to me,
those old memories that can still bring me glee,
and all those old times i shan't tear apart,
for without them i am incomplete, of me they are an integral part...

Fangs said...

trying to forget the past,
is like saying you've not eaten after a repast,
Holding onto the memories I can understand,
but to wish you were back there is just not in the plan,
you need to move on - cherish the memories and look forward to whats to come,
open your eyes biks, recognize the rising sun.